Simon Parker


Mr Doherty

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Helyar

SENDCO and PPA cover

Mrs Gilbert (EYFS Lead)

Reception, Infant Class 6

Mrs Steele

Nursery Teacher

Mrs Saint

Reception, Infant Class 7

Mrs McNutt

Reception/Year1, Infant Class 5

Mrs Peattie

Reception, Infant Class 6 and 7

Mrs Byrom (KS1 Lead)

Year 2, Infant Class 2

Mrs Cunningham

Year 1/2, Infant Class 1

Miss Evans

Year 1/2, Infant Class 1

Miss Pitt

Year 2, Infant Class 3

Miss Horan

Year 1, Infant Class 4

Mrs Phelan

Currently on Maternity Leave

Mrs Vitkin

Year 3, Junior Class 1 (Tues - Thurs)

Mrs Pitchford

Year 3, Junior Class 1 (Mon, Tues & Fri)

Mrs Latham

Year 3, Junior Class 2

Mr Fisher

Year 4, Junior Class 3

Ms Ahle

Year 4, Junior Class 4

Mr Greenwood

Year 5, Junior Class 5

Mr Holcroft

Year 5, Junior Class 6

Mr Keen

Year 6, Junior Class 7

Mrs Billingsley

Year 6, Junior Class 8

Mrs Hall

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Tuckey

KS2 Teacher

Mrs Walsh

KS2 PPA Teacher Class

Mrs Cooper

Pupil Premium Support Teacher and PPA Teacher

Mrs Spinks

Teaching Assistant EYFS

Mrs Czarnopis

Teaching Assistant EYFS

Mrs McGuirk

Teaching Assistant Nursery

Mr Irakose

Teaching Assistant EYFS and KS1

Mrs Harney

Teaching Assistant EYFS

Miss Shah

Teaching Assistant KS1

Mrs Ward

Teaching Assistant KS1

Mrs Strickland

HLTA/Teaching Assistant KS1

Mrs Sartori

KS1 Teaching Assistant and MFL Teacher

Mrs Walker

KS1 Teaching Assistant/Pastoral Care

Mrs Ball

HLTA (Year 6/SEN Support and Pastoral Care) KS2

Mrs Smith

Teaching Assistant KS2

Mrs Dutton

Teaching Assistant KS2

Mrs Rose

Teaching Assistant KS2

Mrs Isbister

Teaching Assistant KS2

Mrs Gill

Teaching Assistant KS2

Mrs Sattar

Teaching Assistant KS2

Mrs Marshall

Office Manager

Mrs Stock

Office Administrator

Mrs Haigh

School Secretary Infant Office

Mr Stockwell

Site Manager

Mrs Haslam


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