At Urmston Primary School we place children at the heart of all we do, our values leading us in the way we teach and the way we learn. We embed these values into the fabric of our school culture and enable our children to learn in an environment that is relevant, engaging, exciting and challenging and encourages them to reflect upon their learning.

We believe that it is imperative for children to have the confidence and opportunity to explore, investigate and try new things in a supportive but challenging environment. All pupils are increasingly aware of the new skills and knowledge that they have an opportunity to develop within DT, alongside understanding the need to study and learn from relevant artists and designers of the past and present. Lessons will always aim to build on cultural capital alongside the guidance of the DT knowledge and skills progression objectives, all of which are embedded within our 'being more' curriculum. It is our aim to provide children with a wide range of experiences in a multitude of mediums and these are all outlined within year group topic overviews.

Design and Technology Curriculum

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