At UPS we value maths equally within the curriculum and want the children to enjoy learning about maths.

Our primary aim is to build a culture of fluency, deep understanding, confidence and competence, producing secure learning whilst fostering a love of maths.


We want our young people to become mathematicians so we have chosen to follow the White Rose Scheme of Work as it ensures curriculum coverage and promotes varied fluency. Children are to master their current learning with an emphasis on depth and challenge rather than accelerating through the content thus allowing children to reason and problem solve mathematically with confidence. 


The policy below outlines how we achieve this and how we support children in the aftermath of the pandemic.


Maths Curriculum


















Through research undertaken in 2018-19, it became very clear that adopting a Growth Mindset approach is central to creating mathematicians.  It introduced us to how valuable it can be to celebrate mistakes and learn from them.  This continues to be of great focus and importance as we move forward and encourage our children to be mathematically resilient, especially as we continue to recover from the effects of Covid-19.


The mathematics taught and the methods used by staff at Urmston Primary reflect the recommendations outlined in the guidance contained in the documents:


  1. Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage
  2. Curriculum guidance for Teaching Mathematics from Year 1 to Year 6
  3. White Rose medium term planning.


It provides information and guidance for teachers, governors and other interested parties.

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