At Urmston Primary School we believe that Geography should occupy a valuable and distinctive place within the school curriculum. Geographical thinking includes relating the near and far, the physical and human, people and environments and the economic and social. It is important for children to understand, appreciate and respect difference in the world and its people, celebrating things we share in common. Our curriculum introduces learners to real world examples, giving opportunities to develop their own understanding of the world around them and providing them with the context of where we are in that world, what is happening around us and how we can impact our surroundings. Geography MATTERS! EVERYTHING we do is touched by Geography and our vision is for the children to understand how Geography is woven into the many things that we do and to know why it matters, both now and as it has done in past, shaping today’s society. For this reason, having a thread of geographical concepts is extremely useful and the concepts of place, scale, environment (human and physical processes), interconnections, environment and sustainability, and cultural awareness and diversity are becoming more embedded into our ‘Being More’ curriculum.

Whilst Geography and History are almost inextricably linked, and our curriculum embraces this, it is also important to note that they are discreet subjects too. The core and additional knowledge that we want the children to acquire, is chosen based not only on our curricular themes, but also on the core locational and place knowledge set out in the Geography National Curriculum. In addition, the geographical skills of map work, fieldwork and communication and enquiry, dovetail with this knowledge-based approach. The documents below clarify this.

Geography Curriculum

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