We are passionate about inclusion at Urmston Primary and so provision for children with SEN is of paramount importance. Because of this, we hold termly SEN parent forums and ensure communication with parents is always key. Our SENDCo is Mrs Jane Helyar and she can be contacted through the main office on 0161 748 4362 or admin@urmstonprimaryschool.com. Please see our SEN Policy and if you have any further questions, do please ask.

Most recently, we hosted a meeting for staff and parents on Zones of Regulation, led by our Educational Psychologist, Sabrina Cummings. The Zones of Regulation is the original framework and curriculum (Kuypers, 2011) that develops awareness of feelings, energy and alertness levels while exploring a variety of tools and strategies for regulation, prosocial skills, self-care, and overall wellness.  It provides us with an easy way to think and talk about how we feel on the inside and sort these feelings into four coloured Zones, all of which are expected in life.  Once we understand our feelings and zones, we can learn to use tools and strategies to manage our different zones in order to meet goals like doing schoolwork or other tasks, managing big feelings, and healthy relationships with others. The simple, common language and visual structure of The Zones of Regulation helps make the complex skill of regulation more concrete for learners and those who support them. A few of our parents said that they'd like more specific information on strategies relating to those zones. The attachments below, particularly the Emotional Bundle, offers ideas on elements such as 'What it feels like inside my body' and 'This would help me feel safe again'.

Zones of Regulation resource

Following our latest forum, parents said that anxiety amongst children was a real concern. We tended to agree and arranged a parent anxiety workshop with CBT, Zoe Brook. The slides are below and if you'd like a copy of the video please let us know!

Anxiety workshop

SEN Policy

SEN Information Report

SEN Parent Meetings

Useful Links to Processes and Procedures

The processes and procedures for referrals for the TASC pathway (autism and social communication), the ADHD pathway (TCAS), Trafford Physiotherapy and occupational therapy service, and Trafford Sensory pathway, can be quite complex. The following links should help provide some clarity for parents on this. Please get in touch if you'd like any further information...

Trafford TASC pathway - autism and social communication

Trafford ADHD pathway (TCAS)

Trafford Local Offer (all SEN information offered by Trafford)

Trafford physiotherapy and occupational therapy service

Trafford Sensory Service Pathway


Mental Health and Wellbeing Signposting Information

Please see the link below for Greater Manchester's Autism Strategy.

Greater Machester Autism Strategy

Anxiety help


Trafford Local Authority have lots of information about how they can support children with Special Educational needs and Disabilities.

This is called the ‘Local Offer’.

Trafford’s Local Offer

You can find more information on Trafford's SEND Local Offer here:

Trafford's SEND Local Offer

There are lots of organisations out there who support families and children with various issues, including mental health and wellbeing. Some of these are listed below:

  1. www.youthmentalhealthmatters.net and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  2. www.sarietaylor.com - for anxiety, stress and worry
  3. www.talklistenchange.org.uk - improving emotional wellbeing
  4. www.calmconnections.org
  5. www.cwmt.org.uk - Depression
  6. www.ethnic-enable.org.uk
  7. https://healthwatchtrafford.co.uk/
  8. https://www.tdas.org.uk/ - Domestic abuse service
  9. www.nas.org.uk - National Autism Society
  10. http://asgma.org.uk/ Autistic Society Greater Manchester
  11. https://www.traffordcarerscentre.org.uk
  12. www.youngminds.org.uk
  13. https://www.justpsychology.co.uk/
  14. https://essexfamilyforum.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Supporting-Your-Neurodiverse-Child-V5-Accessible-Low-Res.pdf
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)  0161 549 6456  

  • Once Upon a Smile for emotional and practical support to bereaved families 0161 711 0339.   

  • Altrincham Counselling and Family Centre for counselling services for children, young people and adults who come as individuals, couples and families 0161 941 7754  

  • 42nd Street for a free and confidential service to young people (aged 13+ years) who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health and emotional wellbeing  0161 228 7321  

  • Trafford Domestic Abuse Service for support to individuals and families living or working in the Trafford area who are suffering or who have suffered domestic abuse  0161 872 7368  

  • Kooth for online counselling and peer support for young people aged 13+ years https://www.koothplc.com/   

  • Sleep Tight Trafford for one to one sleep clinics for local parents and carers in Trafford https://www.togethertrust.org.uk/sleep-tight-trafford  

  • Trafford Directory for additional information about services available in Trafford https://www.trafforddirectory.co.uk/kb5/trafford/fsd/youth.page?newyouthchannel=1  



Many children may present as having difficulties with their speech and language. Please see below if you have any questions or concerns...

CALM mentoring scheme for parents and carers

Offering immediate and consistent support to families in need of a listening ear. This can be found at https://www.facebook.com/CalmConnectionsCIC/ and then join the Family Support group.


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