We are passionate about inclusion at Urmston Primary and so provision for children with SEN is of paramount importance. Our SENDCo is Mrs Jane Helyar and she can be contacted through the main office on 0161 748 4362 or admin@urmstonprimaryschool.com. Please see our SEN Policy and if you have any further questions, do please ask.

SEN Policy

SEN Information Report

Trafford Local Authority have lots of information about how they can support children with Special Educational needs and Disabilities.

This is called the ‘Local Offer’.

Trafford’s Local Offer

You can find more information on Trafford's SEND Local Offer here:

Trafford's SEND Local Offer

SEND Autumn Newsletter

Early Help and Family Support Newsletter Summer 2019

There are lots of organisations out there who support families and children with various issues, including mental health and wellbeing. Some of these are listed below:

  1. www.youthmentalhealthmatters.net and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  2. www.sarietaylor.com - for anxiety, stress and worry
  3. www.talklistenchange.org.uk - improving emotional wellbeing
  4. www.calmconnections.org
  5. www.cwmt.org.uk - Depression
  6. www.ethnic-enable.org.uk
  7. https://healthwatchtrafford.co.uk/
  8. https://www.tdas.org.uk/ - Domestic abuse service
  9. www.nas.org.uk - National Autism Society
  10. http://asgma.org.uk/ Autistic Society Greater Manchester
  11. https://www.traffordcarerscentre.org.uk
  12. www.youngminds.org.uk

Many children may present as having difficulties with their speech and language. Please see below if you have any questions or concerns...

CALM mentoring scheme for parents and carers

Offering immediate and consistent support to families in need of a listening ear. This can be found at https://www.facebook.com/CalmConnectionsCIC/ and then join the Family Support group.


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