Ensuring that our children are attending school at every possible moment, ensures that they'l be happier and have the learning experience that they deserve at UPS. For the last academic year, 2018-19, our attendance was 97% and we'll aim to be even higher this year.

Please inform the school, by phone on 0161 7484362, if your child is ill or absent for any reason. If we are not aware of the reason for a child’s absence that absence is recorded as ‘unauthorised’.

Please only make doctor/dental appointments in school time if it is an emergency. Your child will be classed as absent for a whole session if not in school at registration time.

In line with National and Local Authority Guidance, all holidays taken within school time will be classed as unauthorised and may, in some circumstances, lead to a fine.

If your child's attendance is poor, falling close to or below 90%, you can expect a call from Mr Parker, the Headteacher, to run through the possible reasons for this and to work with you to ensure the best possible attendance for your child.

Our attendance policy can be found in the policy section under the 'Parents' tab.

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