The balance between learning at home and school is so important to a child's education and we firmly believe that that at this stage of a child's development, the most important thing is to nurture a love of learning - which should mean not too much of what is seen as conventional 'work'!

First and foremost, we want children to love reading and to read as often as possible, both with and to parents, and in listening to them too! Expectations for reading are made very clear and entries are to be made in reading journals so that we have an idea of how this is going at home. Our Bug Club link for home reading online is here:

Secondly, all of our children have times tables rock stars logins so they can become more fluent in this key area of maths. The children love it! The link is

Thirdly, children will get spellings to learn - little and often is the key here! In the infants, these spellings will be heavily linked to the letters and sounds that they are learning and will also link to the books they are reading at home and at school. In the juniors, the children have year group spelling lists or, if they are part of particularly spelling focus groups, different lists based upon their needs. These link to spelling rules and national curriculum year group word lists. Further information can be found on the 'Resources' tab under 'Parents'.

Finally, the children are asked to complete topic homework projects. The scope of this varies, as does the expectation - it could be a video, a presentation, a poster, a speech...anything that shows a development of knowledge and a love of learning and finding out more!

Now, reading all of that may seem rather a lot and contradict what we said in the first line above! However, the key is little and often. Homework should not be a burden but something that nurtures a love of learning and greater independence in learning habits so that our children develop a lifelong love of finding out new things and enhancing their knowledge, skills and understanding.

Our homework policy is here for further information.

Homework Policy

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