How to show respect towards others and be responsible for our actions is key to life at Urmston Primary. We talk to our children about being active in their good behaviours rather than passive and this is made clear in our Behaviour Policy and relates strongly to anti-bullying and supporting our peers if they feel threatened. How to deal with bullying and falling out with friends is part of our culture and although bullying isn't something that is common in our school, supporting children in what to do if they do see it, and acting kindly and responsibly, is discussed regularly. Our VIPs (Values In Practice) play a key part in this.

Please see our Anti-Bullying Policy here 

Anti-Bullying Policy

If you'd like further information on bullying and, more importantly, anti-bullying, please visit the anti-bullying alliance at We use a lot of their materials when discussing bullying and how to be 'anti-bullies' rather than being happy with just not being a bully!


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